Subaru WRX, an end to a story

Subaru WRX, an end to a story

I finally got a Subaru WRX, an aspiration of mine since cr I was in grade school watching WRC on AXN. I opted to get a used low mileage (29,000km), slightly modified one for half the cost of a brand new current year model. There ia significant riak in getting uaed...

Crossing lines

I can vividly remember certain points in the past where a palpable change happened and I knew I crossed a point of no return… yesterday was one of those days. Some events are inevitable despite our efforts to delay them; In my experience, the best way to handle...

Lazada return process and experience

TLDR: Lazada doesn’t really handle returns/refunds, it is up to¬† you and the seller to reach an agreement on where or not you get a refund or replacement. My first return / refund experience was smooth, I mailed back the item, got the funds in my wallet then...
Remembering the strong

Remembering the strong

The strength embodied by the truly strong transcends their life and is passed on to the people who allowed themselves to be swept by their example. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be guided by such a person through huge boulders and hard places; Perhaps...

Perspective & Placement

I try as hard as I can until I either succeed or l I run out of regret in me. I. Confortable with failing 8 out 10 times as oppose to pondering what if’s. I finally understand that there is very little control to be had in life

Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.
-Mark Twain

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