I’m a father and husband first then a freelance developer in between. I’ve been a freelance coder since the 2000s after graduating High-school up to the present. I am not as proficient as my experience may imply or as l33t as my peers but I do produce results. I was supposed to get a degree in Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines but ended up teaching myself to code instead to get a job sooner rather than later. I took freelancing seriously at the age 23, 8 months before I welcomed my daughter. From living in my grandmother’s attic to having my own place while supporting my family, I continue to work as a freelance developer and will probably stay as one for the foreseeable future.

I took up distance running and trail running as soon as I found out I was going to be a father. I haven’t stopped running ever since. I recently took up cycling and power lifting back in 2016 as a substitute to running when I had one-too-many injuries I had to address. I’ve healed since then and added those activities to my daily routine. I aspire to complete a triathlon in the future when I get my swimming on point.

I am also a disabled person. I have Retinoschisis wherein my right eye is legally blind. But what I lose in vision I gain ten-fold in insight and perspective in life… the PWD (Person With Disability) perks and discounts aren’t bad as well! Though I do hope I inspire other people with or without physical or mental afflictions in any positive manner.

That’s me in an egg-shell. If I’m not coding or enjoying life with my family, I am out there running, cycling or lifting heavy plates off the floor.