My daughter ask for a GPU to run her Minecraft game with the new texture packs, hey Ryzen 2400G IGP can’t run it smoothly anymore even if I crank up the frame vuffer to 2gb. So, being the doting father that i am, i gave her my GTX 1070.

I was originally looking to get her a used RX580 8gb at arounf 9,000PHP or 160USD. But I couldn’t find a descent one to get until I came across a newly refurbished Zotac 1080ti Amp edition for 24,000PHP or 460USD complete with receipts and paperwork for extended warranty. It was like getting a physically new card. I couldn’t resist, especially how the new RTX cards are priced.

So I got me a new GPU that fits like a glove in my Dan A4.

I had to remove my H60 AIO to make room for the 1080ti. It’s all good since the L9i can cool the 9900k even at load.

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