I train primarily to release my aggression, angst and negative energies I’ve accumulated over the years. It’s a fair endeavor where I get what I put in, where I have control and can affect positive changes over course and outcome.

i’ve been training hard and consistent for the past 15yrs not because i want to be fit, but simply because i am a very angry person. But at 35, where i should be in my prime, i find my body constantly breaking down. I’ve read countless books and studies to counteract this but it never really sunk in… Not until i saw this talk between Joe Rogan and Firas Zahabi on the matter.

I am familiar with RPE (Rate of Percieved Excersion), the Flow State and all that, but the way Firas explained it just put things into perspective for me. I will put this into action and hopefully I can get to a point where i am healthy majority of the time so i can focus on the things i wanna be proficient at i.e. Olympic Lifts, BJJ.

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