Here are 8 things that sum up the things I picked up this past year. I hope to pick up more as I continue my journey and look forward to my next Orbit.

  • Define what success is to you – the earlier you know what success is to you, the more time you’ll have to achieve and enjoy it.
  • Being right is not as important as being happy – agree to disagree and move on. Right and wrong is a vast gray area where you often don’t know where white ends and black starts.
  • Being limber is the secret to feeling and looking young – don’t take little things like putting on pants standing up or lacing your shoes without effort for granted.
  • Health is the true wealth – your body doesn’t come with spare parts, take better care of it. An ounce of prevention is infinitely better than a pound of cure.
  • Find the right balance of having enough money and time – You’re most likely part of 99% of people who can’t have both in abundance, don’t delude yourself otherwise.
  • Mistakes are advance-payments for success – experience is the best teacher, take stock of all your short comings, avoid repeating them, and know that it will eventually add up to you making better decisions in the futures.
  • Life is not fair, it will never be – Take what you can get, keep your head down, chin up, make the best of any and every opportunity the come your way.
  • It’s a marathon not a sprint – Everything takes time, there’s just no getting around that. Know that hard-work and being consistent always pay dividends in the end.
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