Hi! I'm Mike.

I am a freelance web developer from Manila Philippines. I specialize in writing custom ecommerce/content systems as well as developing on other platforms like WordPress™. I have been catering to the local and foreign web industry for more than 10 years with my main focus on the on the Philippine market. My primary function is programming, though I do design and conceptualize websites from the ground up. I also consult on strategies and implementation of business oriented websites and web apps.

In my spare time...

If I'm not chained to my computer slaving away working for clients or being a husband and dad... I'll be running through a trail, swimming in a pool, surfing on a beach, getting my sexy on in the weight-room, cycling on unsafe Philippine roads or other outdoor things people do outdoors.

Want to know more about me and my work? Stalk my social media accounts or drop me a line and say Hello!

Mike is definitely one of the best web developers/ coders i've worked with. He truly knows his stuff and his work ethic and speed is truly exceptional. I look forward to working on more web projects with him. He's definitely a keeper!

After interviewing and testing several web developers, Mike stood out among the rest. Several others did not have the confidence that they could complete the task and some quite frankly did not have the talent. After meeting with Mike the first time, he assured me that my dream website was attainable.

I explained what the website needed and asked for just that, Mike took the project above and beyond expectation. He was able to maintain its functionality while meeting my extremely particular aesthetic. Throughout the project Mike was very knowledgeable, professional, effective and efficient.

I highly recommend Mike Mamaril for your web development needs!

worked with TONS of freelancers .. everyone promised me everything .. everyone promised me deadlines .. no ones ability, work ethic, knowledge comes close to the work of Mike's .. have no idea where my projects would be without Mike!

We have been working with mike for about 2 months now and I must say that I am impressed at the quality and speed at which he completes the tasks and revisions I ask for. I have worked with several programmers and developers in the past and none of them come even close to mike. Whatever we need, mike is there to implement it in record time. Thanks for the great job so far! Will definitely have a lot more projects for you in the future.

I have managed large scale software development efforts for over 20 years for Government, Military and Private Sector entities. In the many years I have worked with and have hired hundreds of developers, Mike is clearly the most competent and talented individual I have met. Mike’s task in integrating a multitude of databases from different sources using PHP/MySQl and AJAX has allowed us to create a Medical Booking Engine that integrates procedures, airline ticketing, hotel and other services into one easy web based application. This is the first application of its kind developed in the world.

Mike is very efficient, tentative to client needs, anticipative, and what most clients like most from their web developers; extremely responsive on demand. If you want results from your web development projects, get Mike.

I needed someone who was good with Wordpress, good with English, and good with response time and swift with PHP. Mike fit like a glove. I'm able to give him work with a quick turn around and what I need gets done. Great work Mike.

mike mamaril is a dream to work with. he did work for me only as a side project yet he was incredibly professional, efficient, and fast. he showed tremendous knowledge in his field by making helpful suggestions and offering technical solutions to whatever design problems i had. he was also patient enough to explain all the jargon and workings of the web that i didnt understand, all so i may get my website up an running as soon as possible.

i would definitely recommend working with mike, and have done so several times already. i have no doubt that those i did refer to him would be just as pleased as i am.